Road Trip to Dingalan, Aurora

It’s my first time in Aurora and I was torn between two places – Baler and Dingalan, which one is better or should I say best fit for my personality. I did not hesitate to go with Dingalan. I don’t like too crowded places, and I know Baler is a surfing site so I guess there are bunches of traveler on that part of the province.

I invited my college friends and my brother to join me in this quest for natural wonders. I heard Dingalan is called the “Secret Paradise of the East” and that made me a little extra excited to color the plan that’s been drawn months ago. So here we go! Lucky that the weather was perfect! 

What is Dingalan?

Dingalan is a 3rd class municipality on the Southern part of Aurora province. 


It is situated approximately 183 kilometres (114 mi) north-east of Manila. It is bounded on the north by San Luis, west by Gabaldon and General Tinio (Nueva Ecija) and Doña Remedios Trinidad (Bulacan), south by General Nakar (Quezon), and east by the Benham Rise or Plateau and Philippine Sea.

Dingalan View Deck

Things You Can Do:

  1. Trekking
  2. Boating
  3. Kayaking
  4. Caving
  5. Swimming
  6. Chasing Waterfalls
  7. Surfing


  1. Via Car/ Private Vehicle/ Service – it is the most convenient way to get to this place especially when you are in tight schedule and you want to do a day trip. Just prepare for a 4 hour drive. The best time to drive is from 1AM if you’ll be coming from Manila. So you would have enough time to enjoy the rest of the day. Toll fee would cost around 400+ back and forth. If you would drive via SCTEX the toll fee will be around 600+ back and forth. Full tank would be enough depends on the type of car you’ll use.
  2. Public Vehicles – for those who enjoy adventures on the road, and for those who are in tight budget, this one is good enough. First, ride a bus from Cubao to Cabanatuan City in Nueva Ecija. From Cabanatuan, ride a van going to Dingalan Feeder Port. Fares would cost roughly 570 pesos for bus & van back and forth. 

 Here are the places you shouldn’t miss:

  • White Beach – not sure why it’s called white beach even if the sand isn’t actually white. If I could recall what I’ve read long time before I decided to visit this place, this beach was supposed to be really white, until maybe several devastating typhoons had hit this place particularly because it is facing the Pacific (just like my hometown in Bicol) that caused remarkable change in this coast line.

White Beach

  • Dingalan Light House

Dingalan Lighthouse

  • Dingalan View Deck

  • Lamao Caves – why caves? it is a series of caves along the east coast facing the Pacific.

  • Waterfalls Along The Coast – we did not expect this part and we enjoyed the cold water of the waterfalls. Soothing cold under the heat of the sun.

  • Tanawan Falls

Enjoying the super cold, fresh and clean water of Tanawan Falls.


1:00AM – Depart from Manila to Dingalan via private car

5:00AM – Arrived at Dingalan Feeder Port

6:00AM – Register, pay environmental fee and secure tour guide + Boat reservation

6:20AM – Depart from Port going to White Beach

6:40AM – Arrived at White Beach

6:45AM – Start Trek to Lighthouse

7:10AM – Reached the Lighthouse (Rest & Photo Ops)

8:00AM – Descend and Traverse to Dingalan View Deck

8:30AM – Reached the View Deck (Photo Ops)

9:20AM – Descend

9:30AM – Boat ride from White Beach to Lamao Caves

10:00AM – Photo Ops at the Rock Formations near Lamao Caves 

10:30AM – Waterfalls + Lamao Caves + Swimming

11:00AM – Back to Feeder Port

11:30AM – Lunch Break

12:15PM – Drive to Tanawan Falls Registration

12:30PM – Arrived at the registration & Start Trek

1:00PM – Arrived at Tanawan Falls (Rest, Swim, Photo Ops)

2:30PM – Back to registration and wash (change clothes)

3:00PM – Rest at Tanawan View Deck (i love Dingalan)

5:00PM – Drive Back to Manila with few rest & breaks

12:00AM – arrived in Manila.

Group of 5 individuals.

Boat Port to White Beach RT – P800 / group

Boat White Beach to Lamao – Addtl 500/group

Guide Fee – P800/group (200 for each spot, we finished with 4 spots)

Environmental Fee – 50 pesos each

Gas – 550/each

View Deck – 50 per group

Toll Fees – 400+ SCTEX

Total – P1,060 per head.

Our Random Pictures

It’s a developing post. Additional photos and info will be posted momentarily. 

Hope you like it. 😊

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Thanks so much!!!

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