Mt. Balagbag – Day Hike DIY 2017

Mount Balagbag is located proximately along the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. It was one of the easiest mountains to climb you’ll find near Metro Manila. 

It’s no less than 5 days when I decided to trek Mt. Balagbag. I posted an invitation on Facebook to attract few outgoers to go with me. Luckily there were around 2-3 persons who responded and showed their interest to join me on my weekend plan.

Mt. Balagbag is new to my ears. I heard of it a couple of times, so I checked it on Instagram to get a glimpse of what seems to be a new trekkers’ haven. Whenever I hear new places I always check them online mostly thru IG (Instagram), because IG is the most convenient way to search photographs using hashtags (#).

We departed from Cubao around 5AM and arrived at Tungko Market at 6AM. Jeepney ride from the market going to Licao-Licao will take 30 minutes, plus another trike for 15 minutes going up to the registration site. 

The weather was fine which I didn’t expect that’s why I didn’t bring my long sleeves or any covering, even sunblock cream. It was really hot. The trek was like hiking in a desert. Few trees are there, few shades, fortunately there are cottages or stores where you could take a few minutes rest every once in a while. But the view along the trail is amazing, an exchange for the heat of the sun. We enjoyed the view.

View of the Metro Manila Skyline.

The Summit.
The rocky part good for photo-ops.

Mt. Balagbag is part of Rodriguez, Rizal. It’s a disputed area between San Jose del Monte, Bulacan and Rodriguez, Rizal according to our guide. That’s why it is confusing when you look at the internet, there are two places that refer to this mountain.

What I like most about this place aside from being easy-to-climb is its ambiance. You could have a panoramic view of Metro Manila skyline. The mountain is mostly covered with grass, with few trees that’s why the trek could be very hot during summer when the sun is up and the clouds are not in place.

There’s a part wherein you could see Mt. Ulap lookalike, on the other side. They planted dragon fruits on the hills before the summit but it’s not yet in full bloom. Can’t wait to see them after few months. 

Hills on the other side where they planted dragon fruits.
To Get There: 

Our travel time from Cubao to SJDM took around 1 hour and 30 minutes. That was 1 hour bus ride and 30 minutes jeep ride. Then, when you arrived at Brgy. Licao-Licao, you will need to ride a tricycle going up to the registration area where you will need to pay 5 pesos per hiker.

Here’s our itinerary:

Additional Photos:

Thanks for reading my post. Hope you like it.

*It’s a developing post. There’ll be additional photos and details to be posted momentarily.

The biggest mistake we make in life is WAITING. Don’t wait for the right moment. Do it now. 

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